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Congrats to these Beautiful Ladies and their premiers this week! Jada Pinkett, Nicole Beharie, Kerry Washington & Viola Davis! #BlackActresses #BlackGirlsRock


Congrats to these Beautiful Ladies and their premiers this week! Jada Pinkett, Nicole Beharie, Kerry Washington & Viola Davis! #BlackActresses #BlackGirlsRock

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Lebanon during the 1950s.

Lebanon during the 1950s.

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"Many inmates became seriously ill and even died of treatable diseases. One patient who repeatedly complained of intense pain and disorientation was allegedly mocked for “faking” his symptoms. He eventually died of lung cancer, which was not diagnosed until a few days before his death. Another prisoner died of AIDS-related pneumonia after prison staff ignored his requests for an HIV test. Others waited months for vital surgeries or prescriptions.
One sick inmate said he fell and was left on the floor for three to five hours. “I would just like to feel safe and not fall. That’s all,” he told one of the visiting doctors."

Doctors Say Arizona Prisons Mocked Sick Inmates, Left Stroke Victims In Soiled Diapers For Weeks (via disabilityhistory)

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The White House is launching a new sexual assault prevention campaign, called “It’s On Us,” that hopes to mobilize college men to get involved in the fight against campus rape. A President who *understands* rape culture

hors-thammer said: Hey poppy with all this going on about the ancient Egyptians being black and all that can we bring up the fact that they(black Egyptians) enslaved the entire Jewish race and even went so far as killing their sons at one point?




Ohhhhhh ho ho ho ho 

But this is a biblical fallacy with no historical truth..? I cannot even..

This isn’t true. After the Egyptians regained their independence from the Hyksos people who had invaded them they had to do something with the Hyksos who remained. There were Hebrew people amongst the Hyksos so they were enslaved as well. The Egyptians enslaving “the entire Jewish race” is a fallacy.



FERGUSON • The news release was emailed to dozens of local and national media representatives.

The city of Ferguson was promoting a five-week series of “town hall” meetings beginning Monday to update residents “on changes the council wants the community to consider’’ and to address concerns about the city.

But by Friday, a little-known unit of the U.S. Department of Justice had gotten involved, and those meetings, originally billed by Mayor James Knowles III as a dialogue with the community “so they know exactly where we stand on things with full transparency,” would be closed to the media and nearly anyone else who wasn’t a resident.

In the days after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting Aug. 9 by a city police officer, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder dispatched the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service to the city to help keep the peace and resolve racial tension.

On Friday, Devin James, a spokesman for Ferguson, said that the Community Relations Service was insisting that reporters be kept out of the city’s “town hall’’ meetings planned for each of three wards because having media present could alter the conversations.

The first meetings are scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday at City Hall, 110 Church Street; Wellspring Church, 33 South Florissant Road; and Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 17 Hawkesbury Drive.

“It allows us to have a more true dialogue,” James said. “It’s for the benefit of the community.”

In an email late Friday, Dena Iverson, a Justice Department spokeswoman, confirmed that the “town hall” meetings were being overseen by the Community Relations Service.

Iverson also pointed to the unit’s mission statement, which says the service “provides confidential mediation, facilitation, training, and consulting services to help communities enhance their ability to alleviate, solve, and respond to future conflicts more effectively.”

She did not respond to a question about whether the city’s town hall meetings fit the mediation concept.

The unit was also sent to Sanford, Fla., last year in the aftermath of the slaying of Trayvon Martin and trial of George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin.

City Attorney Stephanie Karr said she believed the decision to restrict attendance to residents and certain invited guests at the town hall meetings doesn’t violate Missouri’s Sunshine Law because only two council members would be present at each meeting. Without a quorum, such gatherings of council members do not violate the state’s open meetings requirements, Karr said.

Karr, however, also said that the city would not do anything to keep reporters from attending, but that would be up to the Department of Justice.

After Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Brown on Aug. 9, the city saw a number of protests, some of which county and state law enforcement agencies quelled by using tear gas, rubber bullets and armored personnel vehicles.

A City Council meeting on Sept. 9, held at the Greater Grace Church to accommodate the large crowd, was disrupted several times by angry chants from protesters, some of whom were not from Ferguson.

Another council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.

On Friday, Knowles said the city was still exploring possible venues for that meeting.

Source: Stephen Deere for St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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And this is why Viola Davis is a class act…because I would be still cussing out The NY Times and that incompetent fool Alessandra Stanley!


And this is why Viola Davis is a class act…because I would be still cussing out The NY Times and that incompetent fool Alessandra Stanley!

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stone mountain, georgia
where the have laser light shows for the kiddies and hail the confederacy and kkk as heroes….

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