Hello old and new followers! 

I started this blog out of frustration. My brother is in China teaching English, and after a few months, the administration was suggesting that he leave. He asked the other [White] American teachers what was going on, and they told him the Chinese parents didn’t want their children learning English from a Black person. 


So, I decided that since so much misinformation was out there in the world, I should try putting out some correct information, hoping that it would be like a virus and just spread. I never thought I’d actually get followers though, and I’m so happy you chose to follow this blog! 

I feel that on a human-to-human level, the main issue facing Black people is the downright lies that others have created about us and around us. Ignorance is our enemy. Thus, knowledge equals Black power. It can also equal Yellow power… Brown power… White power… LGBTQ power… Female power… Male power… etc. No matter what kind of knowledge it is (health, science, identity, history, etc.) if it’s the truth about the world, it will always empower us.

I try not to “beat up” on White people. I’m not trying to make Whites “feel guilty.” 

I am anti-racist. I hate racist people (mostly because they’re just so incredibly dumb). And, I feel like if you’re that dumb, you’re not enjoying all the things and all the people on this planet that the Supreme Being (God, Allah, Ra, whoever you think that it is) has put here for you to enjoy. So, kill yourself. The less racists, the better…That’s just how I feel.

I study Pan-African Studies. I just received my M.A. with plans to go on for my PhD next year; so, if I’m publishing misinformation, let me know. It’s important to my growth as a scholar. I don’t feel well versed on a number of areas (particularly concerning women, LGBTQ, and the issues of non-Black races/ethnicities). We can all sharpen each other. 

Lastly, I have issues responding to messages. If I haven’t responded to your message yet, I deeply apologize. I have like 150+ voicemails on my cellular phone so, it’s a LIFE issue.. not just a Tumblr issue. Lol. I always think it’s gonna be someone telling me to do something and/or saying something mean, so I avoid it. But, that’s a bad policy! I’m gonna answer 5 a day until they’re all gone.   I suck. 

Much love,