Are all Americans self-centered narcissistic oblivious assholes ?



they really think they have it just as bad as everyone else who suffers around the world

Yes, they are.

No, they don’t think they have it as bad as everyone else, they are actually convinced that they have it worst than most of us on this planet or that their problems are more important. No joke!

Ignorance is the essence of privilege, which is why it should NEVER be used to EXCUSE oppressive behaviours. To be privileged is ultimately to be ignorant of the reality of those you oppress because YOU deem them not worthy enough of your attention. So that ignorance just doesn’t spring up by itself, no, it is the DIRECT malicious and destructive result of the self-centeredness, arrogance, narcissism linked to privilege. Furthermore, when you are ignorant of the reality of others, it is far much easier to erase their struggle identity, culture, humanity and destroy them. Hence, ignorance is the privilege to destroy lives while remaining oblivious to it whereas those you oppress have no other choices but knowing everything about your identity, culture and struggle in other to survive in a world that you shape and dominate.

The more power/privilege, one has on another person, the less they need to know about that person because they just don’t have to. I mean, you can control and affect their lives but they can’t do that to yours, so why would you care, right? This ability to mentally erase others (humanity, struggle, culture) from their privileged reality and use their malicious ignorance as cover up is basically why I gave up on discussing racism with white people. Because that would require from them to break free from a cognitive dissonant white-centric and racist reality perpetually reinforced by the media and society. Hence it is just straight IMPOSSIBLE fro most of them, just like someone once said, it is like trying to explain compassion to a sociopath. Sociopaths can NOT conceive a reality that do not put them firmly at the center and always benefit them only.

And in terms of western privilege, America just takes the cake! Western imperialism coupled with the incontestable American hegemony makes it totally futile and redundant for Americans to care about anybody but themselves, since in term of power, they are theoretically the centre of the world. Americans are just hands down the most fucking ignorant people when it comes to issues outside of the US! This high level of ignorance coupled with power and military hegemony equals the chaotic world we live in today. 

This is also why I decided to take a break from that western privilege debate here because it was making me sick to my stomach to read some of the shit I read. I just couldn’t take it and I was devastated and heartbroken to realise that I ever associated with the basic and loud, obnoxious idiots who were and are still talking shit here. I mean the putrid and repulsive ignorance of grown folks who do NOT even know something as BASIC as what the west stands for yet propelled by their US-ethnocentrism and western arrogance, felt self-righteous enough to try to shut us down and talk over us. I swear I was nauseous all the way through UGH! How could I ever go close to people like this?? How?? People using their experience in the ghettos of the RICHEST COUNTRY ON EARTH to undermine their privilege as westerners! People, who, like FUCKING ALWAYS, would make it about their pain, about themselves as the default human beings, as the center of the whole fucking world. Yuck!

When I was reading all that moaning about their hard ass lives as the default oppressed, I thought about those in the ghetto of Douala who are dying of Cholera and malaria in this fucking century!! I thought about all the little kids in my country who can not make it to school either because their can’t afford the school supplies or their family needs them to work. I though about my father who had to walk 2 miles a day from 6 yo to go to school and most children still do. I thought about my mother’s mother who bore 11 chilldren and only 6 of them made it to adulthood. I thought about the blogger who got arrested in my country as soon he stepped out of the airport because of Paul Biya’s dictatorship! I thought about all of this and I was angry and tearful because I realised that I had betrayed my own and fell for the cheap calls of unity from self-centered narcissistic assholes. I realised that only very few of us from the global south have voices and that we keep wasting them on those WESTERN FUCKS who do NOT deserve it!!

We need to put ourselves back at the center and stop falling for the emotionally manipulative tricks of people convinced that we owe them our support and allegiance and that we are doormats. We need to use our voices for those less fortunate than us! Because if we don’t no one will ever talk about the skyrocketing mortality rate of children under 5 in my country. No one would ever talk about pregant women having to walk miles to give birth. No one would ever talk about mental illness in the global South. No one would ever talk about how black African women are being trafficked in Southern Europe as sexual slaves! No one would protect our identities and cultures and fight our struggles! Especially NOT those western faux-feminists, fake ass and useless hypocrites talking about INTERSECTIONALITY, all day everyday, then using us as props to further their agenda, silencing us, despising us with the same violence and disdain as white supremacy. I don’t even expect them to care to be honest, but when them basic morons start to lecture me, a black African woman, about black womanhood as something they OWN, those dumb motherfuckers are not even worth my spit on their faces!

We need to raise our voices and trust ourselves! Not to gain the west attention and fall in the same trap of having whitey or westerners as our only focus! Nope! We should raise our voices and trust ourselves, just FOR OURSELVES, just to survive, just to build a world that make sense to us and us only.

Westerns fuckers, whitey and their hurt feelings can go straight to hell. And I am saying this, because I know that like always, my ask box will be clogged with your painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *buckets of tears*, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TRASH ELSEWHERE, I AM NOT INTERESTED, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! SO I INVITE YOU URGE YOU TO FIND THE NEAREST EXIT OUT OF MY BLOG, VACATE MY FOLLOWER COUNT AND TAKE YOUR RACIST AND IMPERIALIST ASS FAR FAR AWAY FROM ME AS POSSIBLE!