Tzintzuntzan (Place of Hummingbirds) was the most vibrant center of P’urhépecha culture during the times of invasions by the Spanish. These spectacular stone edifices, known as yacatas, once hosted wooden temples and civic buildings.

Contrary to the knowledge of our country that most foreigners (and even some of our countrymen) hold, nearly every region of México was host to complex and rich civilizations. Yes, México existed outside of El Valle de México and the Yucatan lowlands.

Tzintzuntzan remained the center of power in Michoacán until the Spanish relocated their colonial capital to Pátzcuaro.

Today the yacatas and spectacular metal and ceramic objects are all that remain of the civilizations that resisted Mexica domination for centuries, only to fall to disease and Spanish bloodlust. 

(via frijoliz)