It’s just interesting going to Yahoo! and reading the comments about Paula Deen getting fired.

Like, I don’t even care about the whole situation really. I mean.. Wooo wooo.. a rich White lady said the n-word and is racist.

What is she like… racist White lady #234,293,472,389,572,357,925,437,539,573?? It’s not all that shocking.

What gets me is the response.

I mean, they talkin ‘bout Paula Deen took the high road.


They mentioning Trayvon and Zimmerman, saying the tide is turning…. against White people.


They talking about No one says anything when Jay-Z, Kanye and all the low life people say the word.


I even saw somebody talking about There’s no White Entertainment Television


It’s just really crazy how they are making Paula Deen into a victim… Imagine rallying behind some rich White lady that don’t really give a damn about you and only wants your money. She’s not invested in you at all. And to top it off, your stupid ass is gonna line up at her restaurant and give her MORE money, like she fallin’ on hard times. You’ll let the poor communities rot but you wanna worship a rich employer who abused her employees.

Because of what? Whiteness.


Whiteness must be a helluva drug.

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