Since I’m seeing so many Dear White People reblogs let me just say this




Am I really supposed to believe a biracial girl with light-skinned privilege is going to be the one who’s “conscious” about the oppression from white people, thus leading her black people to a “revolution” at her college? Am I supposed to believe she’s the smart, sensible, and racially conscious one over a dark-skinned, monoracial female supporting character? Is colorism going to be mentioned in the satire? If not, try again, black people. 

I’m down for pointing colorism. And I definitely would love to see more dark-skinned women front and center in films (especially something where she’s the love interest and she has a sassy, white friend who gives advice.. lol.. or she saves the world in a sci-fi thriller).

But come on now?

You did not simply call out light skinned privilege in a film (that you haven’t even seen). You questioned/doubted light-skinned peoples ability to be conscious as compared to dark-skinned people. Light skinned peoples throughout Black history have been leaders of Black people (ex: Angela Davis, Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, WEB Du Bois, Diane Nash). So, is it believable that someone “with light-skinned privilege is going to be the one who’s ‘conscious’ about the oppression from white people, thus leading her black people to a ‘revolution’ at her college”? Yes it is.

In our history, it has been precisely their access to privileges that have made light-skinned people more likely to be leaders. This is not to say we should start kissing light-skinned folks asses or something.. cause they have also been traitors as well. My point is, I have seen consciousness down to racial confusion all the way down to Uncle Tomry and I’ve seen it in all shades of brown at every level.

Yes, and W.E.B. Dubois was a colorist who referred to another black man as a “fat, black monkey.” Those other people had immense light-skinned privilege, Malcolm X and Davis. I am not moved because these are the people who get the most credit for Civil Rights, but the only dark-skinned people we can efficiently cite are Nina Simone and James Baldwin. Your defense has no merit because these people are always represented. Light-skinned people are always shown as the “leaders,” so to say something so invalid like, “What makes you think dark-skinned people are superior?” is erroneous on all accounts! No one thinks that! No one believe light-skinned blacks are inferior. No one thinks they’re not “good enough” to be black. We don’t!!! I am not praising light-skinned blacks whose privileges got them to where they’re at. I will not give them a cookie because they can see their black in spite of their light complexion.

  It is not believable that the light-skinned privilege girl is somehow the “smart” and “conscious” one while the darker girl is obviously a “sidekick” character. This is real life. This is a system that gives light-skinned blacks credit for not leaving their “darkies” hanging. I am not thankful for light-skinned privilege “helping” the black community when many people who are darker have carried the community on their backs without any credit. I do not like conditional people who only care about light-skinned privilege as long as it doesn’t criticize those who have it. I saw the trailer for what it is, I read the synopsis, and I came to the conclusion that it is about a biracial black girl with light-skinned privilege. I made my statements, and I don’t need other light-skinned black people or apologists try to argue with me on something I noticed.

ohhhhhhhhh.. you only want to hear from people that agree with you on your opinion of a film you’ve never seen even though you posed a series of questions to the world wide web.

okay. gucci. sorry i wasted your time.

P.S.  you just put a buncha foolishness up here. but the most foolish one that i can’t help but address is your ungratefulness to our ancestors, who helped the their community, just cause they had light skin (which i doubt is true cause you liked ruby dee a few days ago. or did she fail the paper bag test?). you see a person who is conscious and you don’t appreciate the path they paved for us all because they had light skin (and thus light skinned privilege)???????? so is rosa parks supposed to be somehow less great because they chose her over claudette calvin?? that’s absurd. you sitting on the internet free to say this bullshit cause black people of all hues took ass beatings and even died. the point is supposed to be for us to zoom out and show everyone… not point the same fucking small ass magnifying glass some place else.