See now, THIS is voter fraud.


Black, Hispanic and Elderly Voters Hit With Deceptive Voter Suppression Calls

In an apparent effort to trick voters into not showing up at the polls, several Florida and Virginia voters received calls from unidentified individuals who read the voter’s name, address and party affiliation over the phone and then falsely informed the voter that they can vote by phone. The calls appear to target African-Americans, Spanish-speaking voters and the elderly.

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Arizona Teacher Sean Arce Fired in Latest Crackdown on Acclaimed Mexican American Studies Program

Sean Arce, the head of the Tucson school district’s banned Mexican American Studies program, was dismissed Tuesday night amid vocal protests from dozens of supporters. Tucson’s Mexican American Studies program has been under attack following the passage of a bill which prohibits schools from offering ethnic studies courses. Arce maintains he was fired because he spoke out against what he saw as a discriminatory law targeting Mexican Americans and Latinos. “I, along with many others, stood up and [saw] this law as unconstitutional,” Arce says. “And because we stood up, the district has retaliated.” [includes rush transcript]

The video also touches on the Michigan charter school Teacher who was fired for fundraising money for the family of Trayvon Martin. What type of society do we live in where we attack the people that care for our youth, yet we praise and ignore the corrupt actions of the corporate elite. This is white supremacy at its finest. 

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Minnesota Majority is leading the effort to require citizens to show a photo identification in order to vote. An image on the group’s website shows people lined up at a voting booth, including three in what appear to be Halloween costumes, along with an African-American man dressed in a striped prison uniform and another person in a mariachi costume. 


The FBI has arrested three East Haven, Connecticut, police patrol officers and one sergeant for their alleged role in the mistreatment of Latinos — the first arrests to stem from a federal investigation into racial profiling in that town.

The men allegedly threatened and assaulted detainees, made false arrests — including one against a local clergy member — and later conspired to cover up evidence of their conduct by falsifying reports and blocking an investigation, prosecutors said Tuesday during a news conference in Bridgeport.


A couple of mine did…

6. Sen. Bob Corker, Republican, Tennessee
Corker is the largest landowner in Hamilton County, Tennessee. He was accused, when mayor of Chattanooga, of illegally using his position to push through a land deal between one of his companies and Wal-Mart. The 15th richest congressman, Corker’s average net worth in 2010 was $59,550,022, according to the Post. And he’s a fan of the Bush tax cuts, which unsurprisingly keep his own taxes low.
Corker’s constituents in Tennessee have a median wage just over $40,000 a year, and 17.7 percent of them are below the federal poverty line. Twenty-six percent of Tennessee’s children, 29 percent of its African-American population, 34 percent of its Latinos and 36 percent of its Native American residents live in poverty, while 11.3 percent are unemployed and a full 17 percent used SNAP benefits to get through the last year.
When he was mayor of Chattanooga (my hometown), he was also found to have used “undocumented Hispanic workers” to work on construction projects. This is the same guy who votes against the Dream Act and amnesty for illegals. It’s obvious he wants Hispanics not to become citizens.. so that they will not have any rights.. and so that he can steal their labor. 





FBI hate crime statistics:

Maybe this can help clear up a few of those lovely debates going around. As of 2009:

By bias motivation

An analysis of data for victims of single-bias hate crime incidents showed…

here is your “preferential treatment” 

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it’s a racist reality. and by the way, not all hispanic people are mexicans. <3

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